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Horoscope. September 2020

September, as if giving a breathing space after a busy summer, already in its first decade will allow you to start making new plans and actively realize them. Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo sign, who prevails in September, being in its hermitage at the beginning of the month, will set the tone for a serious, analytical approach to the accumulated problems, so that against the background of general chaos constructive solutions will emerge themselves. It only remains to keep pace with the kaleidoscope of possibilities, dynamically realizing them using the energy of Mars in Aries and with the support of affectionate Venus in Cancer. However, from the second decade, the situation will begin to change: we may face impossible tasks that fall on us because of our own inertia and irresponsibility.
Try to lay a solid foundation for your plans and endeavours at the beginning of the month or postpone the resolution of problems to its end. In the second decade of September, mercury passes into Libra, a sign of reconciliation, opening the way to the search for peace and compromise. Amidst difficult energetic troubles and complex planetary aspects, only through concession and patience, understanding and the ability to accept without harsh judgement the opposite point of view will we be able to keep the balance on the planetary issues of September. Anger will remain a bad adviser, only wisdom and deep understanding of the changes that are taking place will allow each of us and all of humanity to reach a new level.

Mercury will open up to ARIES the opportunity to actively prove themselves in the workplace in early September. But your sometimes excessive aggressiveness and angst can seriously spoil relations with colleagues. The second half of September will pacify your rigidity and allow you to think through a line of conduct on a personal plan, as well as improve relations with superiors. Be attentive to your health by giving balanced physical activity to your body.

TAURUS by help of Mercury will realize failures in personal relations already in the first decade of September; the opportunity to make adjustments and improve mutual understanding will give vivacity. And already in the second decade of the month, emphasis should be shifted to work, building new contacts and gaining promising heights. Love and support of loved ones will help not to waste energy and strengthen health in the third decade it's time to prepare the body for winter.

GEMINI will be comfortable around their own family. It is desirable for them to use their virtuoso intelligence in the process of improving their lives and in caring for the elders. But in the second decade, activity will be replaced by apathy. Conflicts and misunderstandings with friends and like-minded people will lead to a change of plans and tasks, forcing more careful attention to loved ones and relatives. To keep yourself on your toes, you can go on a journey or a long-term business trip.

CANCER in the first half of September will bring peace and support from relatives and loved ones. Time to start a new educational process, to lay a new foundation for knowledge. You can go on a fascinating trip, enriching intelligence and an invigorating spirit. In the second half of the month, it is undesirable to get into love adventures, it is better to work on the improvement of your own home.

September will give LEO good health and financial well-being. Try to manage your funds cleverly; it is desirable to invest them in real estate or purchase of valuable objects. The activity of the first decade of September will reasonably be used to expand the outlook to gain new knowledge or study other cultures in travel and trips. Changes in the worldview will help in a future career in the coming year. Use this time wisely!

VIRGO will be helped by Mercury to make new plans, possibly amending previous plans and projects when analyzing prospects for next year. The second half of the month will bring new financial opportunities, opening up alternative sources of income. Ricochets from the June eclipses can undermine your energy and exacerbate professional crisis, interfering with your career. But do not rush to conclusions and actions, you will need patience and thoughtfulness this month more than ever.

For LIBRA September prepares surprises and timely assistance in everything that they consider important. The second half of the month will give the ability to harmoniously build communication with others, leveling the relationship; this will let them make long-term plans full of pacification. Your ability to reconcile and measure will help both your loved and not very close ones. Be patient and fair this will definitely resonate with your partners, smoothing out roughness in the relationship by the end of the month.

SCORPIO in the first decade of September will get comfortable, especially among like-minded people. New plans, interesting projects, significant prospects will bring a healthy drive, will receive approval and recognition. In the second half of the month, you will receive enough help and support from your patrons and mentors, which will give you energy and even encouragement. Try to spend energy in a balanced way and do not forget to devote time to your loved ones.

SAGITTARIUS in the first half of September will face difficulties in the career and reaching of goals. There will be a lot of energy, but it will be hard to use it constructively. Try to control your emotions, not to fuss and not to be annoyed by trifles, so as not to waste energy. The second half of the month will relieve tension, and by the end of September all your plans will be consistently implemented, opening up brilliant prospects. Trips promise romantic adventures.

CAPRICORNS in September always understand their tasks and prospects, since during the period of Libra their practicality and analytical abilities will certainly be in demand. September will give a new rise in affairs and careers, the fruits of which will serve you for many more years. Journeys and trips, both entertaining and business, will be successful. Senior family members may give cause for concern, demand attention and care throughout the month; love of close ones and friends will bring a positive attitude.

Mercury will open to AQUARIUS the veil of secret knowledge and understanding of the subtle world, you only need to closely monitor the signs of Fate and your own metamorphoses. In the first decade, profitable real estate deals are possible do not miss your chance! It is advisable to direct activity towards understanding of new things, gaining knowledge and skills that are likely to be useful. The second half of September will bring a happy renewal in love and improved relationships.

PISCES will get from September instability and misunderstandings with partners, especially in the first decade. It can cause diseases, even loss of interest in life. But do not lose hope already the second half of the month will smooth sharp corners, even bring new prospects and acquaintances. Throughout the month, it is worth being very attentive to your own health, as well as careful about your finances: do not waste them and do not rush to invest.