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Go ahead, to the adventures!


“There is something magic about it: you go by one person, and you are returning to a completely different one”

Kate Douglas Wiggen

Travel is a miracle: it gives us a chance to see new places, meet different people, with new distant from us cultures. It revives our feelings, helps to find a new meaning in life, for which you want to live even more. New sensations are essential for the soul, and in order to find a place on Earth where your mind and soul will be in peace, it is worth taking a long journey!
People have different tastes: some people prefer the beach, some love mountains, and someone is happy to study different countries, their cities and villages... But, in my opinion, the main thing is the journey itself, the road, and doesn't even matter where it leads! We all need to leave our home from time to time and go to the unknown - for the sake of the health of our souls. If you only do household chores every day, if you drown yourself in the routine of minor personal problems, then you risk being in a spiritual vacuum.
Trust me: problems that might seem serious at home may not be so terrible when you are, let's say, on a beach in Thailand. And what you get bored with, away from home, can quickly become so lovely to your heart that you will start missing all this. You will begin to notice and appreciate all those good things in your life for which you should be immensely grateful to fate.
Travel will also help you find out who you are. Whether you live in a small village or in a big city, you are always influenced by your friends, family, culture, society... Seeing new places, meeting different people, you can find out who you really are, without the influence of others. This helps a lot for personal growth! Not to mention the more you travel, more confident you feel. I advise you to plunge into the Journey at least once: go to unknown places, or you can go where you have already been, but definitely by yourself. Yes, this can be very nervous, you might sometimes feel homesick, scared, lonely, quick to tears and angry. But this journey will give you such powers that you were not even aware of. By the way, do you know what smart people often say? That life begins where your comfort zone ends!

Ulviyya Makhmudova,