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NARGIS Book. Karabakh

Dear friends! With great thrill and excitement, the NARGIS team is in a hurry to inform you that a special issue of the magazine - NARGIS Book "KARABAKH" has been published. All this time, the pulse of each NARGIS employee beat in unison with the pulse of the Motherland. The team worked on this issue tirelessly day and night, in search of historical facts, reliable arguments that will allow us to continue the information war in the most worthy way. The main goal of the issue is to convey to the world public the significance of Karabakh for Azerbaijan and tell about the history and rich cultural heritage of this region.
The magazine will be distributed in Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, England, Turkey, as well as in the USA, so that as many people around the world as possible learn the truth and the real situation in Karabakh. In Baku, it can be purchased
in supermarkets and kiosks of the city.
Karabakh is Azerbaijan!