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Playlist by Nargis: the voice of Azerbaijan

We have good music! The best in the native language in our playlist.

Sevda Alakbarzadeh - “Stay, I am beseeching you”

We have already used to the point, that all sounds surrounding Sevda, are transformed into turn good music. The last composition is “Stay, I am beseeching you” is a style, we love Alakbarzadeh for.

Zulfiyya Khanbabayeva - "Melancholia"

It is a noire atmosphere, a thoughtful text and Zulfiyya Khanbabayeva’s beautiful voice. It will be ideally suitable for long nights, when you want to think of all and everything with yourself.

Yukhu - "You cheated me"

A legendary Yukhu band and its beautiful “You cheated me” composition. It is to be in every music lover’s play list. Let us sing a refrain jointly with favorite musicians (and sound volume is maximal!)

WhoSein – "Illusion"

He is a singer, a director and incredibly talented person. That is a new generation of Azerbaijani musicians. Music and footage quality pleases, assuring that our music has its future, becomes stronger from day to day.

Ahmedowsky trio – "Highrider"

They make music ..It is, namely, music and not songs. You’ll fail to join in a song, however, you will gain immersing into incredible atmosphere of good music!

Text: Zemfira Corovina