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Widian: limited LUBAN fragrance

WIDIAN is a niche luxury perfume brand founded in Abu Dhabi in 2013 by Ali Al Jaberi. Each WIDIAN fragrance is inspired by the heritage of the Middle East, with unique bottle designs inspired by one of the city’s iconic monuments; the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. WIDIAN is currently available in more than 40 countries including the Middle East & Africa, Europe, the U.S.A, and CIS regions. Formerly known as AJ ARABIA, the perfume house first introduced the rebranding in January 2016, to improve its identity and take a stronger step toward its global presence. The name WIDIAN, which means valleys in Arabic, reflects the true Arabian spirit and brings the brand back to its roots. WIDIAN is a blooming desert.

Oriental Floral Amber

Luban is an oriental floral fragrance reintroducing Frankincense in a sensual and intimate way. Comes in a 50 ml, extrait de parfum bottle.

Luban means Frankincense in Arabic, and also means chewing gum, which are collected in the shape of tears from Boswellia tree and used in incense, perfumes and even medicine

The packaging artwork highlights the Luban tree, Ghazel (Oryx), and the Empty Quarter desert.

LUBAN as part of the Limited Collection, is now available in Parfum City Baku

Olfactory Notes:

Top notes:
Light fruity note: Strawberry and the freshness of the Bergamot essential oil Italie
Spicy: Pink berries oil, Cardamom oil

Middle notes:
Gardenia flower, Rose Bulgarian oil, Rose Turkish absolute

Base notes:
Santal wood oil India, Oud essential oil, Tonka bean oil, Vanilla, Cedar oil, White Amber, White Musc