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Tiffany & Co.'s arsenal of iconic artworks has been bolstered with a vibrant new collection of Tiffany Knot jewellery. The inspiration for it was one of the architectural elements of the streets of New York - a metal fence-grid. Tiffany is transforming a familiar industrial form into something entirely new and sophisticated, bringing hometown energy to its new jewellery collection.

New York is a city of individualists who can understand each other without words, where you can only "come to success" with a strong sense of self-esteem and a certain attitude. It is this formula that underlies the creation of Tiffany Knot. Provocation and ambition, a bold statement and a talisman symbolizing connection - a connection with those who are "on the same page" with New York itself.

The Tiffany Knot collection plays on contrasts: soft organic shapes and broken corners of bracelets, rings, necklace, pendants and earrings. The motif of the graphic knot is reflected in all jewelry made of 18-karat yellow and rose gold with diamond pavés and combining smooth curves of the precious metal with a sharpened angle, which gives multidimensionality to the shape of the jewelry.

The main decoration of the collection was a double choker necklace, manually encrusted with more than 300 diamonds, which gave the jewelry dynamism and volume. In turn, on double bracelets, the knot motif, made of 18-karat gold, hides the clasp and adds wholeness to the piece. Tiffany Knot embodies the high standards that drive the House in its constant search for execution innovations, shape alignment and proportion accuracy.

You can purchase jewelry at the addresses: 1 Aziz Aliyev Street, Neftchiler ave. 151; Port Baku Mall.