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Nothing is impossible

Let me share with you something that amazed me: it turns out that more than a third of the leading US technology companies were founded by people born outside this country. Their success stories encourage many to go to the United States − for the "American dream" − or to London, which also appears to be the "center of the earth".
Looking at what some immigrants have achieved, we do not even think that at the beginning they all had to overcome a lot of difficult problems - from the language barrier to financial limitations. And, of course, it was not easy to join a society where people are mostly wary of strangers and the poor. For each of them, the path to exceptional success went through many difficulties, humiliation, mistakes... But by their example, we see: the one who goes towards his goal without fear and laziness, eventually achieves this goal. And small steps also mean moving forward.
Let me remind you of the 13 leaders of the technological world who began to assert themselves as immigrants, achieved unprecedented successes and proved that any dream is achievable. Let's look at them and never doubt ourselves again, and most importantly, let's not give up!

Sergey Brin. He admitted, that the first year in the United States was insanely difficult.
Jerry Young. Having arrived in the USA as a child, he knew only one word in English − shoe.
Jan Koum. He lived on food stamps before he sold WhatsApp for $19 billion.
Max Levchin. Only over time did he get rid of the accent by watching American television shows.
Vinod Dham. His father had only $8 in his pocket when he moved his family to the United States.
Sundar Pichai. As a child, he had practically no access to the phone, computer and Internet. Now he is the CEO of Google.
Elon Musk − at the moment the richest man on the planet. He was born in South Africa and came to Canada to study in college, later moved to the United States and founded his first company.
Sanjay Mehrotra. His application for a US visa was rejected three times before he became a co-founder of SanDisk.
Andy Grove. Escaped from the Nazi regime, worked as a waiter's assistant, and years later turned Intel into the most powerful semiconductor company of the world.
Chamath Palihapitiya. His family from Sri Lanka lived on full social security before he graduated and became a billionaire investor.
Tien Tzuo. He lived on the streets of Brooklyn in the 70s.
Mike Krieger. Almost gave up on Instagram due to visa problems.
Christian Gheorghe. At first, he worked as a limo driver in New York, eventually founded a company, which he then sold for 500 million dollars.

Ulviyya Mahmudova,