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Horoscope. June

This month is ruled by Mercury the planet of communications, intelligence, socialization and trips. This year June is filled with rather tough astrological events, seemingly contradicting its purpose of bringing ease and lightness. Two eclipses: lunar on June 5 and solar on June 21 will set karmic tasks, not allowing to avoid the accumulated problems. There are Lunar Nodes acting in tandem with eclipses, which in May changed their signs and activated the axis Gemini Sagittarius. In astrology Lunar Nodes symbolize our karmic tasks and experience, inherited from last the incarnation. Affecting an axis, knots focus our attention on rejection of authoritarianism and power, inducing communication, training and more careful interaction with closest entourage, family. Throughout June Venus, the planet of love and finance, will be backing away, in retrograde movement, thus exacerbating interpersonal problems and blocking financial well-being. This applies to all signs of the zodiac: during this period it is not recommended to plan serious financial investments, it is undesirable to conclude marriages and contracts. Try to protect the loved ones, cherish the developed relations, take care of self-education and creativity.

Aries will have trouble with brothers and sisters, and they need care and maximum tactical treatment themselves. Long-distance travels and trips are undesirable - they will completely put you out of balance. And here intellectual labor or training programs will attract interest and can even help with career. Fun companies, where you can shine with sparkling humor and even sarcasm, will pleasantly dilute the intense energy of the month and give you strength.

It is desirable for TAURUS to avoid financial adventures, especially with real estate. Take care of your health − add necessary amendments to your life routine, do not forget about sport and healthy nutrition. Satisfaction in personal relations may come only at the end of the month, which means that before this term you need to try not to aggravate mutual misunderstanding by your own stubbornness.

GEMINI won't have to rest on their laurels, even though it's their month. Loads of works in any sphere, will put responsibility on them. How reasonably GEMINI will be able to dispose of the resources depends their destiny for nearest one and a half year. Exactly now the fundament of the important forthcoming events should happen. Do not waste money or commit to official relationships, do not quarrel with relatives and at the same time... do not loose optimism!

It is desirable for CANCER to stay in the shadow, being engaged in a routine and having gone deep into knowledge of something global. Recession of your vital energy does not dispose to physical and intellectual activities and can even shake your self-confidence. Do not forget that all difficulties are temporary, next month you will fully compensate the expenses and missed opportunities. While for this month your main task is selfless service to people in any accepted for you form.

June will push LEO to a change of plans and projects thanks to the adjustment of the environment. This some kind of clearance of friendly environment, perhaps, even painful, will focus your attention on the important tasks attracting good prospects. Loved ones, as always, will bring you support, and children will pleasantly surprise with both achievements, and manifestation of sincere attachment. Creative LEO will open new horizons for development and demonstration of their talents.

VIRGO should expect difficulties in career − they will again have to prove their compliance to the position held. But it is not worth entering into disputes with the superiors − so you risk being in disgrace for a long time. The best decision, perhaps, will be to take a vacation. Guardianship of the senior family members will become reliable a support for you, and enthusiastic arrangement of family nest and care of family will fill you with silent joy and help to balance internal energy.

It is desirable for LIBRA to get serious about studying or other intellectual work, without being lazy and giving themselves slack, otherwise irreversible consequences in the relations with teachers and mentors are coming. You will have to draw strength and inspiration surrounded by siblings, giving them patronage, since long-distance travel this month is not recommended to you. But short trips and going outdoors with friends will fill your life with positivity.

It is important to SCORPIO to defend their inner world from encroachments from outside. Real estate transactions and large acquisitions in general are not recommended. Your excessive enthusiasm for others' secrets and magical practices can lead to energy loss. Exclusively spiritual path and understanding of your purpose, tolerance to others weaknesses will help you to correct your plans and to balance energy.

SAGITTARIUS more than ever will want to drop the constraining obligations and slowing relations, but the excessive desire for freedom threatens with a serious break up with loved ones. You should not make precipitate decisions, besides your other half more than ever needs your care and devotion, as well as business partners who will need your direct participation. Take into account that you will be able to restore your peace of mind only through mutual understanding with partners!

CAPRICORN should pay special attention to their health, it is recommended to rest somewhere in nature to recover as much as possible physically and emotionally. Do not worsen conflict situations with the administration and you do not put pressure with the authority on your subordinates. Better do some studying of some "X files" or esoteric sciences − it will help you expand outlook and will have the most beneficial influence on mentality.

AQUARIUS risk having artistic crisis, in addition aggravated by misunderstanding from closest ones. Do not distance yourself for long − this way you risk to lose hardly established relations, and any new communications will lead only to disappointment and spiritual decline. Seek support from friends and like-minded individuals: your joint plans and projects will help you to restore self-confidence and "to reboot", especially if these projects are for the benefit of society.

PISCES are highly recommended to establish relationships with relatives and to support them as much as possible. Moving to the new place is undesirable, the repair started during this period and will drag on until uncertain term, and expensive purchases will not please you. Restraint and moderation will help to keep the balance in everything. It is time to study the history of the origins, your roots, even to engage in building of a genealogical tree − it will help with distraction and spiritual cleanse.