Ru Az

Essence of Elegance

Meet Gunel Anarqizi, a captivating writer- publisher, and our style icon. In this photoshoot, her timeless and classy style takes centre stage, seamlessly blending with her elegance and restrained charm. Each frame weaves a visual tale that mirrors her sophistication and signature look.

Suit MAJE, shoes CHANEL, necklace CHANEL

Blouse, blazer, and trousers ROMAN,
shoes PRADA

Blouse COS, skirt UVENTA, shoes PRADA,
earrings and rings handmade

Creativity infuses every aspect of my life, whether it's managing a serious business or simply cleaning up the house. I strive to bring a touch of creativity into everything I do, approaching tasks freshly and unconventionally – I find this method not only more captivating but also energising for those around me. As the Director of the Baku Book Center and a writer-publicist, I am deeply committed to my work, my country, and my loved ones. My fascination with stylish people extends beyond mere fashion – I admire those who craft a distinct and unconventional lifestyle for themselves. This admiration stems from their self-care practices, societal presence, manners, mindset, and refined tastes. To me, a stylish person embodies sophistication, intelligence, and impeccable taste across all spheres of life. Fortunately, I've had the privilege of encountering such individuals, from whom I've gleaned valuable lessons. My personal style can be described in one word as "understated."
I believe in modesty. While I do keep up with fashion trends, I do so discerningly, selecting pieces each season that compliment my style and lifestyle. When choosing clothing, I prioritise versatility and functionality, opting for items that seamlessly integrate with my existing wardrobe. As a result, many of the pieces in my closet have stood the test of time – they are timeless. This commitment to my personal preferences is a reflection of my desire to remain authentic and true to myself.

Dress SANDRO, shoes CHANEL, earrings and bracelet CHOPARD