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If your heart is a constant volcano, Don’t expect flowers to bloom.

In most modern films, the relationships between lovers often develop according to this pattern: chemistry, a stormy romantic phase, passion, periodic scandals mixed with passion, and after – a painful, dirty breakup. This kind of storyline may be great fuel for the plot development and to keep the viewers interested, but how good is it in real life? Is it worth constantly feeling on edge?

Passion at the beginning of a relationship is a natural phenomenon,an organic magic where partners possessively merge together and become a part of each other’s lives. With each day, the importance of the partner increases, but you start to want more dynamics, therefore the desire to possess each other rises.

Hormones add fuel to the fire: elevating levels of dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline, making even ordinary days feel special and romantic. So, why does love and passion in relationships subside over time, leaving us mostly with drama?
As we get used to our partner, the hormonal level fades out, and the relationship moves into a calmer phase. This happens at different times for each couple, but around the second year of the affair, the passion
in the relationship becomes less. Emotions fade for various reasons. Partners know each other better, so there is no longer a mystery, the routine makes them feel too secure, thus with time people get bored with what they have and want what they don’t have.

Usually, these kinds of characters simply cannot live without drama if they stay with the same partner for a long time.
Also, too much drama in a relationship is always an indicator that one partner is using the other to satisfy some needs that he/she themselves is unable to satisfy on their own.
Long-term stable relationships are not so popular in culture and history – almost no books or scripts for the movie are written about them. These relationships are often perceived by society as boring.
Yet, for me, this means a deeper level of understanding of self and universe.
Calm relationships are considered healthier and wiser in all aspects, since it requires a certain psychological stability from both partners and compromise.

There is often too much drama between two individuals who are trying to manipulate each other. In a union of two emotionally intelligent people, there is no such thing: lovers calmly solve any problem and
find a solution that suits them both. You have to meet each other at the middle point, both need to give the same amount of everything: love, respect, understanding, energy, passion, care.

They say love is complicated but it’s not – people are complicated. It’s like making two cups of coffee instead of one. Love is the effort of two. Love is simple if you are able to love.
Find a partner that will make you laugh at those moments where most people argue.

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