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For the last years all we hear is superfood. There is a great number of articles, bloggers proposing their receipts with all their might. What does superfood mean?

It is so simple! These are just products with high composition of minerals and vitamins.

Bog whortleberry, salmon, very popular kale - all these products are related to our term. I will not enumerate a list of any product with Jabberwocky modern names, which are not so easy to find on the shelves of shops. I am going to present a list of superfood, which I myself use  and which may be found in the nearest department store. Perhaps, some of them are available in your house and believe me, all of them require due attention.

1. Kefir or yoghurt. Yes, namely, that is the product, which is in your refrigerator. Even though, probably, you never buy them. The point is, kefir and yoghurt (white usual yoghurt) is a source of probiotics. Probiotics consist of bacteria, microorganisms, which are unbelievably useful both for stomach and for the whole gastro enteric tract. Additionally, probiotics are contained in different fermented products (pickles, kvass). The most ordinary probiotics are lacto- and bifidus bacteria. If you are not a fan of fermented milk products, then additionally you may buy probiotics in a drugstore.

image12. Oatmeal. Yes, sure, the product, eaten by our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers since the dawn of time, is now called superfood. And this is, as it should be, after all, it is a reservoir of mineral nutrients, assisting digestion. Oatmeal is an antioxidant, which is within the pocket of every person. I usually boil it with a pinch of salt and add spoonful of honey.

image33. Green tea. According to some accounts, green tea assists at controlling of cancer and heart problems. And what is the reason? All is due to antioxidants. Surely, I prefer brewing genuine green tea and I don’t recommend drinking cheap tea in teabags.

4. Broccoli. Probably, namely, broccoli is considered, as the most underestimated product among its green brothers. Many don’t like it since childhood, broccoli is frequently demonstrated even in films and animated cartoons, as a vegetable, disliked by children, but in vain! Super-useful broccoli contains unbelievable number of vitamins C and a folic acid. Besides it is dietetic one, and if you cook it on steam, it is generally a «delish»! If you are related to persons, who don’t like broccoli, then you may cook a cheese soup with broccoli. It is so tasty, and namely, from that soup your love to broccoli will start!

5. Spinach. My story with spinach is almost the same, like with others, first I avoided it, and now all time long, I try to include it to all dishes. Spinach has a big list of useful features, but the most important thing, is vitamin K and calcium. Stew it with onions and mushrooms, put on a toast and lunch is ready. Just imagine number of useful features you will obtain.

6. Ginger. I will refer it to the last superfood, participating in your daily life. Ginger is of specific taste and has its characteristic features. Nobody will notice it at once, but in due course you will like it so much, that you will buy it at any rate. What is to be said about ginger? It is a perfect means against cold and excessive weight. For example, if you have stomach ache or simply, discomfort, pour boiled water on a couple of ginger pieces and your medicine is ready. It is not necessary to open a first-aid kit. For many years I have been drinking ginger tea with lemon and honey and I will tell you, that it is my favorite drink.


There are a lot of superfood types, exotic ones, like chia, poppy seed powder or green tea Matcha. However, prior to observe somewhere at remote distance and to search or to order not easily accessible products, it is necessary to look closer at nearby products.


Bon Appétit!


Text and photo: Hajar Aliyeva