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Not so long ago the whole world saw horrifying footage of a plastic island the size of France drifting across the ocean, which caused wave of debates, a flurry of emotions and reposts from coach eco-activists. And in the meantime the long-awaited beach season finally came, and we all rushed to the beach to enjoy our lovely Caspian Sea, velvet sand, to put our naked skin under the sun kisses, to let the naughty gilavar mess with loose hair, to meet the sunset by the sea, eat the watermelon with a very salty cheese... You don't want to leave so much! And so, while packing our things to head home, we carelessly leave behind a plume of garbage, forgetting that our house is not only the space where we live, but the whole Earth too. It is not some blue planet from a school book picture, but everything that surrounds us: yard, street, air, sea... And their cleanliness often depends not only on some distant corporations, which we are used to blame for everything, but also on ourselves, on our little daily actions. One of which is not to leave the garbage behind...