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Four Seasons Istanbul on Bosphorus symbolizes the everlasting Istanbul up - to - date Ottoman courtyard of XIX century, occupying its modern atmosphere. The hotel is spread out on the legendary staircase in the European bay, which opens a stunning view over the hills of the Asian Strait. The stylish interiors provide a look at the traditional Ottoman design by creating the ultimate osmetto style for stylish high-end stores, restaurants and bars in the modern city.


The hotel has been opened in 2008, and in 2012, Travel & Leisure magazine introduced the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel at the Best Large City Hotel in Europe - 2012 (The Greatest Hotel in Europe - 2012). The hotel offers 170 rooms, with the original dwarf and two new crews. The sophisticated thoroughbred interior seals the mountaintop, and the decorative elements and traditional artwork of Turkish art reminds that Bosphorus is a favorite place for a summer vacation in the Ottoman Empire.



There are a lot of facilities in the open air: the swimming pool with heating and jacuzzi, bar pavilion and wonderful walnut garden, which takes up 190 meters across the terrace, with a stunning view on the Bosphorus landscape with ships, yachts, cruises and ferry boats. Here is a luxury spa-salon area with 2100 sq.m of three tremendous Turkish hammams. It is possible to have the highest level of organization of reception - on the functional territory of the hotel for three banquet rooms, which can hold up to 1000 people. The Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul offers a decadent approach to the traditional tradition of hamei, combining traditional traditions of the boucaux with the sinking upsurge action of the modern Western procedures.

hotel_terrace__gardens_0025The hotel is the second,owned in Istanbul. Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul is located in Sultanahmet, close to the first Four Seasons Hotel and is within easy reach of all major sights and attractions.


History and Design

Hotel Four Seasons Istanbul on the Bosphorus takes the Ottoman nobleman in the XIX century, as well as Atik Pasha. This is one of the nobles, called by the noblemen of Ferries, - two outsiders, who have been delivered to the Bosphorus by the end of the year, from the main princes of the sultans.


The interior of the hotel is inspired by the surrounding marine landscape: the aqua, the silversmith and the serpentine pass through the breeze, while the light blue marble and soggy glass bring the fresh marine brise. Engravings of Antoine Ignasse Mellinna, an architect, artist , as well as traveler of the 18th century can be seen in the hotel the undisputed charm of the Bosphorus. Geometric decorative motives, hand rosette, turkish quails and interesting marble insights demonstrate the talent of local masters and place the atmosphere in a sophisticated Ottoman elegance.


Four Seasons Istanbul is on the Bosphorus with 145 rooms and 25 suites. From the bright, spacious rooms open to the night sky, the garden, the city, the hill and the hill to the Asian side of Istanbul.

The rooms are harmonious with Ottoman design and modern furnishing. The geometric patterns of the tornadoes are reposted in the pink patterns, and the miraculous work of Hiref and Lithography, representing Turkish-Osmanic art, are stained by the stench. Autonomous baths and suspended glass lanterns offer luxury accents in contemporary design.



Aqua - maintained by the hotel, with an open terrace and on the Bosphorus, - spacious in the north of the harbor. Aqua comes with a local menu and an international lunch. The rest of the Italian classic meals; The map is complemented by a vintage map of the local and souvenir stamps. A popular bouncing bundle in the Swedish buffet with a wide selection of local and Italian meals will give you the opportunity to enjoy your time with friends and family, enjoying the delightful care, the brilliant view on the Bosphorus and the impeccable service.


Four Seasons Bosphorus