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19-20-21 July

On Friday the II International Islamic Cuisine Championship comes to end. Who will win the star of "Islamic Michelin"?

Time: July 19


Starting this Friday opens photo exhibition of Rustam Huseynov "Sand waves" dedicated to sandy Absheron beaches.


Venue: Emin Qahramanov Art Gallery, Istiglaliyyat 23A

Time: 18 – July 25


YARAT will hold a semi-annual reporting exhibition of the Little YARAT and Little Master projects with dancing performances, magician, jugglers, art detectives game and other fun entertainments for little artists. Free entrance!


Venue: YARAT, Museum of Azerbaijani Painting 

Time: July 20, 19:00 – 21:00


"Goya: Visions of Flesh and Blood" is a fascinating portrait of the artist created based on his personal letters, pictures of places, meaningful for him and masterpiece canvases. Frightening, thrilling, unthinkable Goya – this Sunday on cinema.

Venue: Park Cinema, Flame Towers

Time: July 21, 13:00


On April 12 in Vatican the burning torch of the Summer European Youth Olympics Festival and its symbol - "the olive tree" were given to Azerbaijan. This summer in our capital competitions in ten sports are taking place. Jirtdan and Caucasian leopard as mascots, thousands of volunteers and the magnificent opening and closings ceremonies in Baku Crystal Hall.


Time: July 21-27, opening at 20:00