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The future is near

The German company Lilium Aviation has tested a prototype of a fully electric flying car Lilium Jet with vertical takeoff and landing.


The Lilium Jet is taking off and landing vertically, so it doesn’t need a runway, but rather a small area, about the size of a helipad. The aircraft is equipped with 36 jet engines.

Due to the minimum number of requirements, the cost of device using can be comparable to conventional machines, but the speed of the aircraft will be five times faster – the maximum flight speed is 300 km/h, the range is 300 km.


The plane is designed for two people, but developers are planning to increase its capacity up to five passengers. According to the developers, such kind of transport will help to unload the highways of large cities. It is supposed to be used as a taxi.

The vessel is powered by electrical energy and consumes almost 90% less energy than conventional vehicles. Installed in the aircraft batteries are similar to those in electric cars by Tesla.