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Perhaps one’s persistence and goal are not sufficient to be in constant movement, to be abreast of the times. One of main elements is an inspiration! Without it one won’t only fail creating, it is rather hard to wake up in the morning. And we decided to devote the Nargismagazine’s March issue to this magic spiritual state, to such state, when you are able easily manage the things, which seemed overwhelming.

I think, each person has his own secrets, that is set which inspires, encourages, gives strength.

What is your secret of inspiration? Let us start from me. My answers are as follows:

1. I was inspired much by Seychelles due to its primitive wildness, however, nevertheless due to some kind of restraint and reverence to environment. Natural instincts are perfectly combined there with rules of people brought up in urban conditions. Only in this place one can encounter gigantic turtles, who by means of their might imaginatively take someone back in times of dinosaurs. White sand, transparent sea, green plants and rocks, as if cut out by someone's hand... I often see this magic place in my dreams. And when I need to think constructively about any Nargis creative project, I mentally visit that place.

2. As for music, it is, of course, more complex, after all, everything depends on one’s mood. I absorb everything in music: I love, as classic, jazz, so pop, I descend also to songs of Backstreet Boys or Ace of Base! I don’t have here such concepts like "bad and "good", presently, only thing is the case, what one person likes to listen, whether it is fashionable, beautiful or smart, it isn’t important...

3. Favorite poems, certainly I have plenty of them. However, I love particularly, when deep sense is expressed by means of simple words. Like in a poem which has popped into my mind right now:

Среди миров, в мерцании светил
Одной Звезды я повторяю имя...
Не потому, чтоб я Ее любил,
А потому, что я томлюсь с другими.

И если мне сомненье тяжело,
Я у Нее одной ищу ответа,
Не потому, что от Нее светло,
А потому, что с Ней не надо света.

                                                    (Innokenty Annensky)

4. A favorite phrase: «It always occursat the first time». These are words from "In dreams" film, which is very deep and impressive, shot on base of actual events. This film teaches to survive and hope for the best, even if the light in the end of the tunnel is not visible...

5. I prefer hushing up about phenomenon inspiring me. This is purely personal and I am afraid, if I tell about, then inspiration will cease rushing anymore. Therefore I will be greedy and I will keep it in secret.

6. I enjoy Matisse! All his pictures allure me, convincing that there is much magic in the world, and good always triumphs over evil. My gratitude to him for this belief!

7. A human being... to be more precise, little human beings, who inspire me, change me and bring me up every day, these are are my children! Thanks to God for their existence!

P.S. At last, I have yet another revelation. One of the strongest sources of inspiring me are my readers and my Instagram subscribers, all those who are interested in me, for whom it isn’t all the same how my daily life is. It is very pleasant...

Thanks to all of you! We, human beings should realize, whether now or after one hundred or thousand years that there is a truth, which is one person is nobody without another person.