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For 70 years thousands of people have been moving in together to the Cote d-Azure not only for enjoying awesome view, but also for revealing something new in the moviedom. The Cannes film festival is one of the most bright and prestigious events in cinematography world.

Perhaps, everyone has heard about «Golden Palm», handed to winners, but, which is the most desirable by representatives of the cinema industry, the Cannes award, have been founded by tradition ever since the first festival time, which is Grand-prix.

The Cannes film festival not only presented us chef d’ oeuvres of cinematic art, but also provided us with food for meditation. We present our favorite films, which we discovered thanks to the Cannes film festival

     1. «Lobster»

Yorgas Lanthimos’s film gets us to the not distant future, where solitude is definitely something bad. All loners, turning certain age, are taken to a hotel. It is noticeable not due to its five stars and corresponding service: each person, which found himself in the hotel, should find his love for 45 days period. Unless love object is found, the hotel guest would be turned into the animal, which he chose on his arrival. The film won 3 prizes in one go and got immediately into the top of film critics.


     2. «Dislike»

Divorce is one of most common issues of the modern society and this issue wouldn’t be so crying, but for the children, left in single-parent families. If each parent attempts taking a child under his/her custody in majority cases, then in the film “Dislike” Andrey Zvyagintsev presents a history of a family, where nobody needs a child. A boy called Alyosha, who cannot cope with multiple quarrels of parents, striving to establish new relations, as soon as possible, finds only way out from that situation merely by escaping from the house. The film plunges audience into cold reality, which is quite proper to the director. The cinema film won «Special prize of Jury». For your information, this isn’t the first Zvyagintsev’s film, which conquered Cannes.



     3. «The Student»

The film, produced on base of the play of the German playwright Marius Von Mayenburg «(M)uchenik», is one of the most resonate films of the Cannes festival of 2016. A boy, called Veniamin, knows the Bible almost by heart and literally cites the holy scripture. And there he declares a crusade against his own school. «The Student» is against exercises in swimming pool, domesticity and the main thing, he is against his biology teacher, advocating Darwin's theory and atheism and besides, Venia doesn’t like her Jewish roots. Graveness of attitude of mind becomes obvious, when a “student” erects a crucifixion in the sport hall of the school. A reel of the film is presented in the program “Special look” at the Cannes festival and won the prize after Francois Chalet.