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An ordinary miracle


My dear Nargis readers, I have a secret to share, I love waking up in the morning, taking it slowly, drinking coffee somewhere in a cozy café, contemplating our fantasy world through large shop windows and observing people. Parents are strolling with their kids here, lovers, are discussing hand in hand, something vital for them there. Those two strangers, talking at the next table, have likely own story, wishes, dreams and fears, some private life unknown to me and general recollections.

Once I was asked, what I feared most of all. I answered straight from the shoulder, though I never thought about it. I am not startled with things, which startling other people: I never feared striking someone, as strange, I never tried to be surrounded by the society of «very important people», I haven`t chased after material benefits and haven`t sought friendship and love «of the right man»... I always strived to live, not distracting my attention to things, which weren’t important in the long run. However, I fear only of my essential element to change into a trivial one day! I want to remember forever that absolute miracle is, when your child is sound and healthy, when your dad and mum are nearby, when you have reliable friends, when you are loved wholeheartedly and when you have eyesight to admire beauties of nature, have an ear to admire the chant of birds... when you are not interested to know, what is growing in your neighbor’s garden: you take pleasure in your garden’s harvest and shade of your house. Long miracle means ourselves when love and kindness dwell in our soul, justice homes in your head, and the truth is reflected in your eyes! Let us refine (purify) ourselves every day, every hour, in an attempt of not losing, but preserving that internal bright (luminous) miracle!

Ulviya Makhmudova, editor-in-chief

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