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Take care of yourself for yourself!

Messika jewelry, MY TWIN collection (Elluxus boutique)

Energy permeates everything. It’s not only in our actions, but in words, and even in thoughts as well. But it is more important than what we do and tell, stronger than our desires. This is why let’s only think of good things, whish others all the best. Let’s transfer from space only what brings positivity in this world, so the reality around us would fill up with positive, constructive energy! Cover your ears when they scold you, but open your heart when you are praised! Cherish your energy, do not waste it to bad decisions and evil thoughts, keep it like treasure! Since all our lives are based on it: our relationships, feelings, emotions, spirituality, our marriage, career’s fate and even our reflection in the mirror. And remember: men react to the energy coming from you and not from your purse or dress. Love yourself and your loved ones.  And if you want to live in harmony, do everything to make everyone around, including yourself, tuned kindly, so that other people would only have good thoughts about you and the world in general! What to do then, if dark side prevails in person, and he doesn’t wish to fight and even develops it? Then the best I can advise you – stop contacting this person the soonest possible. At least, try to communicate with him as rare as possible and without even explaining the reason. In return, spend more time with people who do not close, but enhance your positive, harmonic connection with space, who does not put the knife in you. Trust me, exactly this knife leaves its trace behind us, even if we don’t see it…

Ulviyya Mahmudova, Editor-in-Chief