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Unlocking a Gift Within

We often hear about people that have a special talent. What does this mean? What is talent? How can it be measured? Are we born with inner talent or do talents arise during life? Some scientists believe that the mystery of talent is that it is a gift from God and is given even before birth, forming one's giftedness. But we should always remember that in order to develop talent, genes, and predispositions alone are never enough. Practice, determination, a strong will, and a fortunate combination of circumstances are always needed.

How to identify your talent? 

· Childhood memories – trying to remember what you were interested in and what you loved to do. 

· Psychological tests. 

· Open conversation with close friends and relatives.

· Constant expansion and traveling – being curious and increasing your knowledge in everything that surrounds you. 

· Regular experimentation and practice with new activities. 

· Try to always say "yes" to yourself. 

· Letting yourself be enchanted by the talent of people around you – we all need appreciation, even those who can change the world with their abilities. I hope these tips will change someone's life.

Ulviyya Mahmud,