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Riding towards Victory: Four Seasons Hotel Baku partners with Azerkhalcha to honour Victory day

Karabakh horses and the folk art of carpet weaving pays tribute to Azerbaijan’s rich culture and heritage.

In partnership with Azerkhalcha, the lobby at Four Seasons Hotel Baku will be graced with a stunning new centrepiece to mark Azerbaijan’s November 8th Victory Day celebrations. An installation of four flying Karabakh horses, each made from four distinguished types of Karabakh carpets (Chelebi, Malybeyli, Khatai and Gasimushagi), symbolises the revival of the unique culture of the ancient lands of Karabakh, which were liberated from 30 years of occupation. The galloping Karabakh horses represent one of the oldest and most treasured breeds in the world, and serves as a symbol of national heritage and pride of the Azerbaijani people.


Azerkhalcha Boutique Opening

As an exclusive hotel partner, Four Seasons Hotel Baku announce the opening of Azerkhalcha’s boutique within the property on Friday, November 4, 2022, in conjunction with the unveiling of the lobby display. Emin Mammadov, Chairman of Azerkhalcha, comments: “When it comes to traditional crafts, Azerbaijan has a deeply rich heritage. Our aim is to preserve our ancient traditions, thereby allowing the next generation to continue to enjoy the treasured skills and crafts of our ancestors. We are honoured to partner with Four Seasons, a brand that values the preservation of craftsmanship and culture at its core.”

Future visitors to the boutique will be treated to a behind-the-scenes display of artisans in action, with a corner of the boutique dedicated to showcasing the intricate process of carpet weaving and how the beautiful compositions come to life. To mark the opening of the boutique, Asmar Abdullayeva, Creative Director at Azerkhalcha, conceptualised the Karabakh lobby installation. “The installation shows the expression of running horses as a symbol of the prosperity and development of Karabakh after the great victory. Each of the patterns showcased represents our country’s rich history, with some designs dating back to the 17th century, which were prominently woven during the Safayid dynasty. The designs will be available from our boutique,” comments Abdullayeva.

The Karabakh horse installation will be on display from Friday, November 4 to Friday, November 18, 2022.

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