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In contact with my soul

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Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.
Mark Twain

Many of us can remember how we were taught to ignore, hide and suppress our natural negative emotions since our childhood. We were told that these feelings that we have are bad and make ourselves bad, that we should be ashamed of these feelings and not set them free. But how? And is it worth it? We have been learning to ignore our feelings since childhood, to deny their existence, because we are programmed like this: they make us believe that it is shameful to show everything outside the framework of the positive. But it is these emotions that are very strong - and much stronger than we suspect.

They rush out, strive to make themselves visible, no matter how embarrassed we are. And most often they win, manifesting themselves in one form or another. Sometimes healthy, and sometimes unhealthy, even toxic.

The ability to recognize and control your emotions is one of the most important skills that we ourselves must learn and teach to our children.
If you can notice your true problems by turning off your ego and speak out your feelings, say, "I feel this, no, I'm not ashamed, I'll try to replace this state with another, but this is in me, and this is part of me," calm down and accept - then "this" itself will stop growing inside, as you have accepted it in yourself. This will change your behavior, you will be able to succeed in life, have a healthy relationship with others and cope with internal problems and imbalances, avoiding their negative consequences.

Any strong emotions increase the chances of our act. Anger will make you sincerely say everything that has accumulated in your soul. Fear will teach you to avoid danger and get out of the situation, including the "do not harm yourself" function. And finally, love is the birth of all new things, even yourself...

Isn't it surprising how good and even younger a person who experiences some kind of - any! - strong feeling gets right before our eyes? With this, nature shows us what a person can and should feel, progress, drawing energy from their emotions, that this is a path to long youth and to success.

Ulviyya Mahmud,