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DNA, the name of the collection of unisex, optical and sun-glasses imagined and designed by Tilmann Grawe

DNA wants to represent Tilmann Grawe’s vision of aesthetics, shared today harmoniously and sentimentally between Germany, his homeland, and Paris, the city that adopted him. From these two geographical points, with their physical and social features, each eyewear incorporates rigor and refinement. Passionate about the Bauhaus movement and of Futurist Constructivism architecture, Tilmann Grawe presents glasses with a futuristic, functional construction, reduced to the essential, all ingredients for a timeless design.

DNA, a name that wants to be, highlight and bear witness to the value of a small, authentic and precious collection, made up of six pieces, divided into two important categories : Handmade in Germany (buffalo horn) & Handmade in France (acetate)

A Handmade in Europe, a unique, unusual, minimal, essential design associated with refined materials of the highest quality; buffalo horn, for the most sought-after and precious proposal, and acetate for the most accessible (affordable). For both, "know-how" becomes the essential point, a criterion of quality, guarantee and durability.

The color palette for the acetate models includes classic black and tortoise shell combined with pop tones such as pink and electric blue, while for the buffalo horn, according to its essence, natural shades are proposed.

The shape of the eye is the starting point for creating the lozenge, and suddenly the glasses are like a frame for a painting. The front graphic shape of the frame is nothing but the graphic interpretation determined by the eye’s axis. Slightly curved, the front embraces the curve of the face more closely, pleasantly framing the eye with its parallelism and its gaze with it, emphasizing the personality of the wearer. <> Already immortalized in a painting, you can admire Tilmann Grawe's glasses in the artwork "Les Parisiens" by Christiane Durand, exhibited in Paris, at the Park Hyatt hotel lounge, 5 rue de la Paix.

Tilmann Grawe is "Futuristic Constructivism".

Tilmann is a designer with an Haute Couture know-how. He has a mastery of materials from textiles to metal. Seven years in charge of creating experimental models for Paco Rabanne Haute Couture have trained and perfected this outstanding designer. Since his independence Tilmann has been able to seduce a refined clientele with a contemporary taste. So well he dressed the Indian star Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Film Festival that he managed to enthusiasm the formidable Lady Gaga. He acts as a visual artist and sculpts his creations, whether it is clothing, jewelry or his glasses.

His challenge is all of his creations, for his tireless search for elegance, uniqueness and also eccentricity. He enjoys discovering and using new materials but always with the spirit of a true artisan-artist, giving life to creations that can be defined as contemporary avantgarde. Attached to the traditional know-how Tilmann navigates in a light way between various techniques. Hand Made is and remains his strength.