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Celebrating the 100th issue

Camera LEICA @kontakt_home

The 100th issue – nearly 10 years of excitement, hard work, joy, ideas, love, disappointments, pandemic, crisis, days without sleep, nights in the editorial office, setting goals – we all grew together with this magazine – spiritually, emotionally. Gained experience makes us always want to surprise our readers and give them the best of what we can. Thank you, Nargis Magazine, for remarkable experience, for making me who I am today.

I hope to see the 1000th issue and thanks to all our readers and supporters – without you I wouldn’t be writing this letter now. I want to stop time, since so much has happened, and some moments I just want to put on hold or replay them over and over but time has no mercy on anyone and it keeps going faster and faster each day. Let’s live, let’s live this moment to the fullest, this moment is life.