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What I believe...

“Without going outside, you may know the whole world. Without looking through the window, you may see the ways of heaven”
Lao Tzu

To me, God's message is very simple: total acceptance.
Accept ourselves as we are and others as they are. Try not to judge. This is hard for me as well, especially if I get hurt. You just need to demand from yourself to live as you think you should, and have the strength to accept the result and responsibility. Life is a very simple, but at the same time very smart riddle. Lead a normal life – not because you need it, not because you are expected of it, but because your heart, your soul needs it. Try to be happy with what God gives you. Constantly wishing for something else, waiting for change is just suffering.
Have you ever wondered why God transmitted his message to only a few prophets so that they would spread it to people? He could open the doors to Himself to all mankind! I think God acts like this because our Faith, our support, is important to Him. It is important for Him that you and I believe in good, even without reason: only then we become kind ourselves. It is not for nothing that they say: "Judge by yourself!"
God prefers that we believe in Him without seeing Him, hear Him without voice, and sense Him without touch, and feel with heart that He is near. That's what faith is, to believe without reason. And then He opens us the doors to Himself, after we have demonstrated unselfish love for Him. After all, there is no Faith without Love, nor does Love live long without Faith.
God prefers that we believe in Him, seeing His works in other people or in nature. It's hard to believe without proof, but when you do, he'll send you the proof. This will not be the evidence that the whole world is looking for: it will be evidence created just for you, understandable only to you and no one but you. And you do not need to talk about this: non-believers do not understand the true mechanisms and formulas of Faith, they often call these messages in their own way, for example, "misconceptions".
Now, it is important to understand this: to believe does not mean thinking something like "Oh, okay, let me do good now, and if God is there, he will reward me", or "Let me do it properly, and see how God will answer me", or "I'll pray and look - will God prove to me that he exists, if I say that I believe". NO. It's not Faith! This is how you are testing God, and this will not give you any result.
True Faith means to believe without the slightest shadow of doubt, to know in your heart that what you believe is true, even if there are no special reasons for this.
Do not ask God to make a decision for you. He won't do it. He sent us here to learn to make the right decisions ourselves. And the decision whether to believe in Him or not to believe is also up to us.
This is my Faith. I do not urge you to follow this, I have no right to demand this even from the closest people. I just opened my heart to you.

Ulviyya Mahmudova,