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Editor's diary

Style X Personality

Personally, for me, style has always had an impact on my mood.

When we see a person dressed only in the latest trends, in fashionable clothes almost like from a shop window, many perceive it as cool, perfect, and stylish, someone to follow.

However, I see it as “no style, no personality.”
A person wears all the latest fashion trends not because of good taste or an inner sense of style, and it’s not a reflection of great taste. I view it simply as a one-day show or one-day fame.

If you continue relying on something other than your own inner taste and personality, the outcome may not be positive. There should be individual energy, and you should try not to lose yourself in the desire to stay on-trend. Aim to mix your inner “you” with the world of fashion: it’s a balance of staying true to yourself and adapting to what the fashion world dictates.

Life is a balance.
You can follow a fashion trend – but make it distinct. And let’s not forget, every new trend is designed for different body types. Wear what suits you, what is comfortable for your soul, and what gives you power. I think we shouldn’t hide our fashion identity to "wear" someone else's fashion identity. You are unique, and this is what I call timeless style.

Ulviyya Mahmud,