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"We are born into this world either a seeker or an avoider"
Henry Singleton, “1899” Netflix TV series

Sometimes even talented and hard-working people don’t achieve the success they were aiming for yet, every so often, kids that were not excellent in school make their way up to the stars. Natural talent and hard work increase the chances of climbing a career or fame podium, gaining public recognition, however, there are other important factors that can play a decisive role in achieving great success.

The ability to DREAM is the first and most important skill for a future leader. Nevertheless, dreaming seems to be hard for adults, it is often blocked in their minds. Since childhood we are taught to get back to reality and for adults it is even tougher. There are more and more responsibilities and established life rules that prevent from being successful. Therefore, many adults lose self-connection, putting themselves into a certain mind frame, most experience difficulties answering a simple question: “What do you really want?” And that is because they don’t trust their own dreams and their true desires have long been forgotten. All the attention is shifted to restrictions and other people's rules. If you want to be a star for yourself − get back your child’s power and start dreaming! Revive your real feelings. After all, only feelings and emotions have no rules. They help us understand our true goals. Allow yourself the most ambitious dreams. If there is a desire then there is an opportunity and the energy for its realisation. Stop draining yourself on your inner conflicts. Don’t attract such energy and let your attention and resources focus on dreams and actions. Our inner world must be pure, so there is room for new ideas and solutions. Work with love and not on survival mode. Only by loving what you do you will have the courage to express yourself and go against established opinions. Strength is in the truth and truth is in loving your craziest ideas.

Ulviyya Mahmud,