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Not Stop, but pause

Stop, stop
The actress forgot her role,
And does not know,
What she needs.
El Roosh

I began to explore and analyze this life when I was little, and over the years I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. I would never know much, if I did not have such a fighter spirit: I have not had a sense of limit since childhood, I was not afraid to be mistaken, to do something that others wouldn't do... Probably, if I wasn't who I was, a lot of things in my life would have been different.

I often made mistakes, I failed couple of times. But I take everything that has happened in my life as a valuable lesson, and I love each of these lessons. If not for these moments in my life, I would not have learned one thing that is very important - sometimes you need to stop at the right time and tell yourself: "Stop!". It does not matter whether it concerns your work, personal life, family, friends... Often people like me get strong strikes, because they go till the victorious end, work for everyone, even love for their own good. It's not a bad idea to stop, take a step back, think a little. No, you don't give up, you just take a break, like in school between lessons. You give yourself an opportunity to understand exactly what you need. And after such a break, all the doors usually open.

This is a very important advice, and in 2022 I advise everyone to apply it both in personal and professional life.

Ulviyya Mahmudova,