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Futuristic mirage

No matter how many times you visit Dubai, it cannot be ranked among the places you have seen! This place is developing irrepressibly: new skyscrapers, breaking all world records, and other ahead-of-time attractions with advanced technologies appear here every year, the largest exhibitions are held, which come from all over the world. If you happened to be here ten years ago, believe me - you are unfamiliar with today's Dubai. Forget the stereotype that, "Dubai is only good for a winter vacation," feel free to buy tickets and come here for a summer vacation! In addition to new attractions, you will find the Dubai Summer Surprises festival, aqua show La Perle by Dragone, various concerts and pleasant bonuses!

Now to the future!
Dubai has the status of a "city of the future." Indeed, it is simply cannot be described without the word "future." Especially after the long-awaited Museum of the Future opened here in February 2022. At Dubai pace, that is, in the shortest possible time, it was included in the list of the most beautiful museums on the planet according to National Geographic magazine. This architectural miracle will win you over before you even get inside. A 77 meters high seven-story construction was built without internal supports; stainless steel facade is decorated with carvings with Arabic calligraphy - these are three statements of Prime Minister, Vice President of UAE Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, dedicated to the future and progress. The structure is eye-shaped, and symbolizes looking to the future, and the elliptical void in its geometric center is the uncharted one we aspire to. What is it, if not A Thousand and One Nights in a futuristic guise?
Inside the museum, you will find the most advanced technologies, mind-blowing engineering solutions and advanced inventions: interactive displays, robotic assistants, digital residents accompanying you throughout the museum.
The journey through time begins immediately: you enter the elevator in 2022, and exit in... 2071. A 3D scanner awaits you at the entrance - it detects problems in your body, sometimes giving inaccurate, but very funny conclusions. The entire exposition is dedicated to the potential of the near future. Here you can apply to work as an astronaut, try on a spacesuit (virtually) and even choose the planet you want to go to. Here you can also try to solve the economic, climatic and social problems of the planet yourself: for example, save the Amazon basin rain forests or endangered species of animals.

A look from above
In Dubai, where skyscrapers really reached the very heaven you feel like a midget. Unwittingly, you wish to climb somewhere higher to see the whole city from a bird's eye view. And for that we strongly recommend that you visit two attractions built recently.

The last, 52nd floor of the 240m Palm Tower apartment complex is panoramic observation deck, from where you can enjoy the view of the Palm Jumeirah island, city skyscrapers and the Gulf of Arabia. And you can also add The View at The Palm, as it is called, to your list of "Instagram" places: here you'll get just mesmerizing photos. Even before you start climbing to the very top, visit the exhibition on the ground floor: here they will tell you the story of the creation of a man-made island, show an interactive aquarium and offer souvenirs for every taste.

Dubai Frame - one of the favorite places for guests and residents of the city, the "bridge" between Dubai's future and past. The attraction is outwardly and truly resembles a photo frame! The Guardian even dubbed it "the biggest picture frame on the planet."
The structure is two 150-meter towers connected on top by a 93-meter glass bridge. At the bottom of the "frame" there is a gallery where an immersive exhibition takes place, and at the top there is an observation platform where it is simply breathtaking!
From here you can see the beauty of the whole city: in the north - old areas, including Deira, Umm Hurayr and Al-Karama, and in the south - modern shopping centers, skyscrapers and Burj Khalifa itself. And walking on a transparent floor, you will feel like you are hovering over a 150-meter abyss.

Desert boom
The fact that a few decades ago there was literally nothing on the territory of the UAE, you hear here on every corner. And it's amazing! Museums will help to understand how this is possible.

The Al Shindagha Museum on Dubai Creek includes several displays that show the reverent attitude of locals to their heritage. One of the halls of the museum is the Perfume House, where you can get close to saffron, musk, rose, oud, amber and other aromas, and find out how they became part of the culture of the UAE. You will be described the prey, application, characteristics and value of each of them. For example, oud costs more than gold, is considered an aphrodisiac, and is mined from oud essential oil, the process of obtaining which is insanely long and expensive. First, the hook tree gets infected with the phaeoacremonium parasitica fungus, and then the tree begins to fight the disease. This struggle can continue for decades, and during its process valuable tar is produced – perfume substrate. You should certainly visit the multimedia exhibition in the museum. the movie Dubai Creek: Birth of a City, which is shown on three walls at once, literally dips you into the centenary history of this region.

The Etihad Museum, which opened in 2017, focuses on the country's modern history. Coming here, you can get into the historic building of the House of Unions, where in 1971 the founding fathers of the UAE signed the constitution of their state. This museum is a complete, comprehensive retrospective of the development of the Emirates, which incorporates all the historical facts about the way of life, a rich photo archive, personal belongings of the seven founders, invaluable documents... Particular attention is paid to 1968-1974 - the period of origin of the "country of the future."

Escape from the future
Skyscrapers and futuristic structures hide the eastern flavor of the emirate of Dubai, which was firmly associated with the adobe houses of the inhabitants of old Dubai 50 years ago. Therefore, be sure to visit the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding quarter. An old mansion with a wind tower since 1998 introduces its guests to the culture, customs and traditions of the UAE. There is a tasting of exotic dishes: pilaf biryani, salted fish Al Madrooba, soup-roast Saluna, small dumplings Lugaimat... During the meal, the employee of the center will tell you about the main aspects of local life and answer any, even the most inconvenient questions.

After the Center, take a walk through the old town, where every stone breathes history. At the end of the trip, ride along the fork of Dubai Creek on a traditional boat - Abra - and visit the spice market. Here it is, the ancient drought of modern Dubai!

Nomads of Dune
Platinum Heritage, the only environmental desert safari company in Dubai, will help escape the city bustle into the distant past to feel like Bedouin. Fascinating journey begins by dressing you in Keffiyeh as a true desert wanderer and giving you a flask with water, a modern counterpart to the goatskin. Next, you swim along the sand dunes in a vintage 50s land rover. On the way, you meet local antelopes of indescribable beauty - Arabian oryx, before entering the Bedouin camp, you will be shown an interactive show with falconry elements, and in the camp itself they will wash their hands with rose water, serve coffee as to a desired guest and apply a henna pattern - the last one is optional. Here you can enjoy culinary delights, traditional Arab dances, take a camel walk. And stargazing in the night's darkness will be a great end to the safari tour.

Paradise on Earth
One of Dubai's new attractions is the Quranic Garden, dedicated to the main Islamic values: love, peace and tolerance.
In the park, spread over 60 hectares, you can spend time in different ways: walk, admiring the beauties of the Islamic and Andalusian gardens, visit the Cave of Miracles, where with help of interactive technologies you will get acquainted with the miracles of the Prophet, study the flora of the desert... Particular attention should be paid to the Glass House, where the plants mentioned in the Quran are collected.

Shopping and entertainment extravaganza
Nevertheless, in Dubai, paradise gardens are not only Quranic! For example, the world's largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, is located here. Under its roof, 1,200 stores are assembled from department stores to luxury boutiques and jewelry houses, hundreds of restaurants and cafes, as well as an ice rink, the most photographed waterfall fountain and many other entertainments.
There is also an underwater zoo and the world's largest indoor aquarium, where you can admire a crocodile or killer whale floating right above you. And you can get generous discount promotions here all year round. Now there is a summer festival of sales, discounts and Dubai Summer Surprises promotions, which will last until September 4th! Isn't this paradise for lovers of shopping and entertainment?

Mondoux Restaurant
Working up an appetite, do not think for too long! Step on a new one Dubai Creek waterfront, at Mondoux Restaurant. You will immediately plunge into an unrivalled atmosphere of comfort and luxury, and your appetite will play out even more. The restaurant uses eco-friendly cooking methods, offering modern and experimental cuisine. We warn you, the portions here are huge!

Once upon a time in... Dubai!
You come to Dubai as an ordinary person, and you find yourself in good old Hollywood as a real movie star. "How is that possible?" you ask. Everything is possible at Paramount Hotels!

Paramount Hotel Dubai is located in a busy central district Business Bay. Each corner of the building, inspired by classic Hollywood culture, incorporated the rich history of the Paramount Pictures film company. The hotel has 823 rooms, and each of them makes you believe you're a movie star: mirrors exactly like the stars' dressing rooms, vintage Hollywood searchlight-style nighttime lamps. For true connoisseurs of Hollywood films, there are thematic rooms. For example, Don Corleone Suite, taking you into the atmosphere of the iconic crime film "The Godfather," where you can smoke a cigar and enjoy mafia madness; Charleston Suite, inspired by the "Great Gatsby" era; the romantic-feminine Carole Suite with a marble bathroom and make-up area is any girl's dream; The Paramount Suite is the largest 145sqm suite with panoramic windows, offering chic views to Burj Khalifa. There is a luxurious outdoor pool, Spa-center Pause Spa, which has signed a contract with the French brand Chateau Berger, a fitness center, a sauna and a children's room. The hotel operates a California cuisine restaurant, a private cinema, as well as authentic restaurants. Restaurant The Stage opens its doors in the early hours of the morning to delight you with a lavish Swedish breakfast; at Pacific Groove, you'll get into the California vibe for sure; you can plunge into the world of "Baywatch" at the Malibu Deck bar at the luxurious swimming pool; and Speakeasy Flashback hosts the present every week burlesque show where you can travel to 1930s Hollywood and even investigate gangster crimes...

Paramount Hotel Midtown is the red carpet to the California dream. Crossing the threshold, you are transferred to Hollywood in the mid-twentieth century.
Every corner here is decorated with retro art, paintings with Hollywood icons... The hotel has 281 rooms for every taste; most have a balcony, so you can enjoy Dubai without leaving the room. The list of services for guests, in addition to the Spa-center Pause Spa, also includes Pause Fitness Center, which offers a wide selection of modern fitness equipment. Paramount Hotel Midtown offers a culinary experience travel through restaurants. For Italian gastronomic delights, head to Paparazzi Tuscan, while light and spacious CineScope offers international cuisine. Melrose Bar & Lounge is a trendy urban "haven." Also visit Malibu Sky Lounge at 235 meters above sea level. Here you can not only eat, but also dream. Icing on the cake is an outdoor pool at the very top of the hotel, from where you can see literally the whole the marvelous Dubai! Like attention-loving celebrities, the hotel is set in a perfect location - a stone's throw from the giant Burj Khalifa and phenomenal Dubai Mall.

At Paramount Hotel Dubai and Paramount Hotel Midtown, your dream is to become a Hollywood star will definitely come true!