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Formula of victory

Сова! Ты властелин моей души,
Ты озаряешь сны мои собой.
Ты знаешь, что снаружи и внутри,
Ничьи слова не властны над тобой.

Сова! Сражаешь взглядом наповал,
В ночную темень за собой маня.
Никто меня, как ты, не волновал,
Покоем окрыляешь ты меня.

Сова! Люби, как люди не умеют.
Владей не темным лесом – только мной!
Мой властный дух перед тобой немеет...
Тебе клянусь – я сделаюсь другой.

Сова! Ты нас мудрее и добрей:
Прощаешь всех, прощаешь злое дело,
И тех, кто лжет, – прощаешь, как детей...

Oftentimes, when it seems like everything is falling apart in our lives, in reality, everything is just starting to get in place, this is the beginning.

Probably, everyone experienced such a condition, and more than once: a break up with a loved one, disappointment in close people, job loss... Even having a child sometimes makes you feel afraid to lose your freedom! For many people, such events often instill a sense of confusion, longing, anger, and even despair. They turn our world upside down, pushing towards internal imbalance.

At such moments, it may seem that everything is out of control, that we are losing everyone and ourselves and it is impossible to get it together.

We can be stressed out, fight our feelings, try to get back to our former lives... Or we can jump into a new one without thinking or delving into what is happening, which is also not good. When life gives you bitterness, live in a moment.

The key is to concentrate on the present. Not to expect anything from yourself and not to try to understand why everything goes that way.
Our lives consist of millions of moments that we spend in different ways. Some of them we devote to the search of love, freedom, peace, harmony, happiness... Others are imposed by daily routine. But find in yourself the light that the Almighty gifted you with - everyone has it! You will discover in yourself a tremendous strength and ability to overcome any obstacles.

The main formula of victory: to take only one step. Then the next one. And forget about the time.
We are as strong as we are capable of taking the next step.

Ulviyya Mahmudova,