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Dance of Fire and Art: Italdizain x Lladro

Italdizain presents collaboration between Lladro and Azerbaijani artist.

Lladro, the epitome of exceptional porcelain artistry, embarks on a new chapter in its history as it joins efforts with talented Azerbaijani artist Elnara Nasirli. This collaboration represents a merging of two cultures, two traditions, where each detail becomes a symbol of a contemporary dialogue between arts.

The active involvement of Italdizain played a pivotal role in forging this creative alliance between the Azerbaijani artist and the Spanish brand. The company’s journey towards collaboration with the artist began with an event commemorating Lladro’s 70th anniversary. It was after this event that the company took the initiative to organize a joint project with Elnara Nasirli and Lladro Porcelain Factory.

Elnara Nasirli, a rising star in the vibrant contemporary Azerbaijani art scene, has been making waves as a distinguished graduate of a prestigious art school and as the visionary behind the awe-inspiring Fluxus Frequency Collective exhibition. With an innovative blend of immersive soundscapes, striking visual effects, and interactive elements, this exhibition effortlessly transports audiences into a mesmerising multisensory realm. Elnara’s artistic prowess has recently injected fresh life into Panthère from the Origami collection, infusing it with a vibrant palette and evocative emotions. Drawing inspiration from her beloved homeland, Azerbaijan, Elnara Nasirli masterfully weaves the essence of Eastern culture into her intricate composition. She found inspiration in one of the most remarkable natural marvels of the Absheron Peninsula - the Yanardagh Mountain, the blazing slopes of which have been aflame for millennia.

“I wanted to convey the image of fire both in light and darkness,” emphasizes the artist. By employing specially formulated UV-reactive paints, Elnara incorporates elements of visual magic, transforming the artwork into a reflection of natural fire, an interplay of light and shadows in the darkness. The concept behind painting the Panthère sculpture captures the richness of Azerbaijani culture and serves as an example of how collaboration between Lladro and Azerbaijani artist influences art, bringing forth new ideas and creative approaches.

The sculpture of Panthère is part of the Origami collection, where the animal kingdom is explored through the geometry that underlies ancient Japanese art. The combination of artistic techniques gives rise to contemporary creations expressed through porcelain. All the pieces in this collection are a modern and innovative interpretation of traditional Japanese origami art, where geometric shapes created through folded paper are transformed into powerful sculptural and decorative facets.

The collaboration between Lladro and Elnara Nasirli not only unites two talents but also brings together East and West in the art of porcelain. The Panthère sculpture from the Origami collection has become a sort of artistic bridge, transporting us into a fascinating world of cultural exchange and creative inspiration.


Ahead of the upcoming Novruz Holiday, specifically on the symbolic day of “Od Çərşənbəsi”, the Panthere sculpture will make its inaugural appearance at Four Seasons Hotel Baku and its Grand Lobby; the hotel is the premium address for this unique collaboration that celebrates local traditions and art. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the early witnesses to the highly anticipated reveal of the stunning Panthere sculpture. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing Yanardagh flames, this awe-inspiring artwork will be unveiled for the first time at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Baku starting from Tuesday, the 5th of March. Following its exhibition at the hotel lobby, the fiery artwork will continue to enthral audiences at the renowned Lladro boutique, providing visitors with an enchanting experience of its fiery vitality.

Italdizain has the exclusive rights to represent the prestigious Lladro brand in the Azerbaijani market.
Address: 7A 28 May Street, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Telephone: +994 (12) 498-00-53.

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About Italdizain
Established in 1996 as a trading organization, Italdizain has been supplying high-quality Italian kitchens to the Azerbaijani market. Over the years, the company has diversified its business and expanded into new areas. Today, Italdizain stands as a prominent holding company, uniting dozens of boutiques specializing in the sale of jewellery, watches, luxury tableware, home decor, and interior design.

About Lladro
Lladro, a renowned name in the world of porcelain, was founded by three brothers - Jose, Juan, and Vincente Lladro - in Valencia, Spain, way back in 1953. Starting their creative journey with hand-painted vases and jugs, the Lladro brothers not only developed their own kiln for firing porcelain creations but also established a unique style characterized by harmonious forms.

By 1956, the workshop had fully transitioned into crafting porcelain figurines, each reflecting the spirit of history and the delight of artistic expression. From sculptures to lighting fixtures, home accessories, and jewellery, Lladro embodies a brand that symbolizes a contemporary, stylish, and exclusive way of life.

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