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“Cehiz Layihəsi” Project at Ambiance Boutique

Cehiz Layihəsi” Project at Ambiance Boutique: A Fusion of Azerbaijani and European Traditions in the Art of Table Setting.

On the 21st of December, a special event dedicated to the art of table setting took place at the Ambiance boutique, marking an important milestone in the “Cehiz Layihəsi” project initiated by ITALDIZAIN. The aim of the project is to explore the treasured traditions surrounding dowry preparations in Azerbaijan. The second lecture within this project was a captivating experience, offering guests profound insights into the diverse traditions and intricate details of table setting; it provided an immersive experience that left attendees with valuable knowledge and understanding. The event successfully showcased the immense cultural richness inherent in the art of table setting.

The event’s speaker was Ksenia Ferz, a cultural specialist, etiquette, and image expert, who also addresses the significance of social and business positioning. Ksenia shared her knowledge with the guests, emphasizing the significance of making conscious choices when selecting dowry items - an aspect that has always played a vital role in various cultures, including Azerbaijan.

Guests at the event were treated to a diverse array of table setting styles, ranging from continental to English and Russian traditions. Special emphasis was given to the art of plate servicing, while also highlighting the importance of table etiquette, decoration, and setting principles based on the mix-and-match concepts.

One of the most memorable highlights of the evening was the dedicated workshop on Azerbaijani table setting, led by Ksenia Ferz. With her exceptional eye for contemporary trends and local dining customs, she skillfully curated and adorned the table, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. The master class not only provided attendees with invaluable knowledge but also fostered an interactive environment where they actively shared their own experiences and perspectives.

The event’s grand finale featured an engaging interactive photo quiz, challenging participants to identify artefacts from dowries across the globe. This transformed the learning experience into an entertaining game, allowing guests to discuss their newfound knowledge and exchange their impressions.

By bringing together beauty and tradition enthusiasts, “Cehiz Layihəsi” event at Ambiance Boutique served not only as a source of inspiration but also as a platform for cultural exchange among its attendees.

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“Cehiz Layihəsi”
“Cehiz Layihəsi” project, developed by ITALDIZAIN, is a unique initiative aimed at studying and preserving Azerbaijani dowry preparation traditions. Through a series of events, including lectures, workshops, and field research, participants gain insights into the evolution of dowry customs to adapt to modern trends and changing circumstances. This project plays a vital role in safeguarding and promoting Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage by providing an intellectual and inspiring platform for the exploration and discussion of national wedding traditions.