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By the Light of the Silver

In an interview, the owner of the brand, Fatima Maharramova, told how the development of the brand began and why she decided to start making jewellery. Sharing her journey, she highlighted the significance of silver and her hands-on approach in shaping the brand's identity. Let's delve into the world of Fatima Maharramova's brand, G.U.Z.G.U.M, as she unfolds the origins and significance behind crafting minimalist silver jewellery.

How did the inspiration for starting your own brand come about?
I have always dreamt of having my own line of accessories or clothing, drawn to the potential of minimalist designs.
So, I began with accessories. After experimenting with initial product versions, I pondered over the name for months and settled on "G.U.Z.G.U.M." I find it fitting because the shiny, polished surface of any G.U.Z.G.U.M product reflects like a mirror.

What motivated your decision to use silver as the foundation for your brand's creations?
Silver stands out as my favourite noble metal. Its malleability and unique energy appeal to me. Those who adorn themselves with silver possess a distinct character and style that resonates with my sensibilities. My products tend to attract individuals who appreciate subtlety and prefer to avoid extravagance.

Are you responsible for both the brand name and the creative aspect?
Absolutely. As the founder of the brand, I'm hands-on in every aspect of its creation, right from naming it, and I intend to keep it this way. Crafting each piece holds a certain magic – seeing shapeless silver transform into my envisioned designs is a fulfilling experience. It's a great pleasure to feel that everything I produce aligns with my core values and embodies my essence. Without this dedication, G.U.Z.G.U.M wouldn't have come to life.

Whose opinion is important to you when crafting jewellery?
Fortunately, I receive very few criticisms. My family and friends offer unwavering support, and I take immense joy in presenting my finished creations to them first. Their excitement for each new addition to the G.U.Z.G.U.M collection matches my own, and I consistently sense their unwavering encouragement. I'm deeply grateful for them.

The Must-Have of your collection?
Those bracelets of ours – they're certainly ambitious, no doubt.

How does your day start?
I'm a mother of two, both school-aged, and I think most women are well aware of how my day starts. The kids come first. Only after they're settled that I can focus on my own pursuits. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way!

How are you expanding your presence in the digital industry?
Hardly anything! Everything you spot on the G.U.Z.G.U.M Instagram account is entirely my narrative, my taste. With my father being an artist, I have an innate sense of colour, shapes, and especially light. Most times, I shoot and edit the videos myself, maintaining control over every step. Occasionally, I collaborate with professional photographers and models, but I ensure the process aligns with my vision. When it comes to digital promotion, it usually involves paid advertising. G.U.Z.G.U.M products are nearly handmade, and their portrayal on social media should mirror their essence accurately.

How often do you release new jewellery?
It's an important part of the process. I'm constantly exploring new forms. Naturally, I keep an eye on the jewellery market, ensuring I carve my unique identity and avoid repetition. Yet, inspiration is paramount. It's the fuel for birthing something novel. I'd say this happens about 2-3 times a year.

Who's your competitor?
I haven't come across products similar in style to G.U.Z.G.U.M, but I'd be happy to discover them. Competition serves as extra motivation and a means to grow and evolve.

What does G.U.Z.G.U.M's personality look like?
G.U.Z.G.U.M's personality – Stylish, unique, strong, and confident.

When your creativity stalls, where do you turn to for inspiration?
For me, waiting is part of the normal creative process. Mass production isn't my style.

Do you make personalised orders?
No, because it wouldn't align with the G.U.Z.G.U.M brand.

What are your plans for the future development of your brand?
I have plans to open a small boutique. Currently, I'm focused on establishing G.U.Z.G.U.M as a renowned minimalist silver brand from Azerbaijan, with the intention of expanding into the global market. I believe that G.U.Z.G.U.M has the potential to achieve this!