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Blitz with Serhat Şen

Are you eager to learn the tricks and secrets behind flawless makeup? Look no further than Serhat Şen, the renowned beauty artist from Turkey, whose expertise is recognized worldwide. Recently, Serhat had the opportunity to sit down with NARGIS Magazine's health & beauty editor to answer a series of quick-fire questions. His insights will provide invaluable guidance for refining your beauty routine.

With his extensive experience working behind the scenes at prestigious fashion shows and with A-list celebrities, Serhat Şen brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a beauty aficionado, his expertise is sure to inspire and empower you on your journey to beauty perfection.

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5 most common mistakes in everyday make-up:

  • Incorrect foundation usage.
  • Drawing eyeliner that doesn't suit the eye shape.
  • Overly brightening the under-eye area.
  • Overdoing the eye and lip makeup simultaneously.
  • Applying blush in the wrong place.

5 must haves in a make-up bag:

  • A tinted sunscreen.
  • A moisturizing product suitable for both lips and cheeks.
  • A good mascara.
  • A quality eyeshadow palette that can be used from day to night.
  • Eyebrow wax.

One product for day-to-night look transformation:

A black eyeliner pencil.

What is the best mascara out there?

Tower 28

Foundation or BB cream?

BB cream

Mixing foundation with moisturizer: for or against? Why?

Well, this actually may vary depending on the skin type. Mixing two products can cause issues for oily skin types. However, I can recommend this practice to those with normal and dry skin.

Do you use beauty blenders, brushes, or your hands to blend?

I prefer using a brush for a more hygienic and homogeneous blend.

Glowy skin or matt?

A glowing skin appearance suits my makeup style better.

Favourite beauty brand?

Nars and Laura Mercier.

Could you name one product you stopped using?

Thick foundation.