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Emilia Wickstead FALL 2019

Emilia Wickstead’s fall collection was inspired by the “Godfather" trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola. Mary Corleone, the daughter of the mafia boss, brilliantly played by Sofia Coppola in 1990 became designer’s muse. Do you remember the suits from the third part of the saga? The Oscar-winning costume designer Milena Kanonero, who dressed heroes of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" worked on their costumes.

"I wanted to plunge people into nostalgia about that world", – Emilia Wikstead told about the show. It took place in Le Caprice, one of the oldest Italian restaurants in London, where the interior did not change since 1981 – times when Lady Diana liked to stop by here. "The wardrobe for all occasions" included lacy gloves, pearls and concise hats, like off Erwin Blumenfeld’s photos. The heavy was balanced with light, nostalgic with ultrafashionable.