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Charity Evening at the Baku Convention Center: Cirque Eloize with incredible Cirkopolis show

The Baku Convention Center made a gift to little audience of Azerbaijan on the 23rd of September. The famous Canadian “Cirque Eloize” circus presented its Cirkopolis program to children from boarding schools, rehabilitation centers and orphan homes. Children became the main guests of magic story and had a chance to plunge into the holiday atmosphere. Cirque Eloize’s theatrical performances have enslaved hearts all over the world for many years. There is a love, mind-blowing tricks, deep philosophy and street-dance, virtuoso juggling, language of music and plastics, circus act with elements of gymnastics and ballet are reflected in a story told by them to our city.

«We are touched by hearty welcome of the Azerbaijan audience. The tour manager, Thibaut Philippe said about his impressions: “We hope to demonstrate here our other shows too”.

Cirque Eloize’s artists said goodbye to Baku audience with aim to return with more thrilling performances in future.