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Human: Know Yourself!

Nosce te ipsum. “Know thyself”. This catchphrase became a motto of educational program, launched by YARAT. From March to December, 2019 YARAT Contemporary art center will organize lectures from 10 experts in the field of personal development, authors of world best-sellers from USA, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Sweden and Ireland. The topic of the program includes four categories:

  1. Me here and now: mindfulness skills.
  2. My future image and its aspiration: skills of planning and achievement of desirable.
  3. Wellbeing and happiness: scientific vision.
  4. Relationship with people: skills of empathy, appreciation and forgiveness.

"The key skill of the upcoming lectures and training sessions is awareness, – said Aida Mahmudova, the founder of the YARAT Center. – It is known that due to the development of this skill, a person can radically change his life and free himself from imaginary limitations and improve the path of his personal growth. I am confident that any progress towards developing awareness can help us become more human and harmonize interaction with others".

This is a unique opportunity to gain free additional education in the field of personal efficiency, to learn the principles of positive psychology and develop such necessary skills as focusing, emotional self-control, self-discipline, stress tolerance, effective leisure.

Who needs it? Anyone with lack of inner balance and wishing to learn managing the most valuable resource – time. To managers, students, creative persons...

How will it look? Lessons will take place in the format of two-hour introductory lecture and trainings lasting from six hours to three days – with deep work on habits of listeners. Features of inner world, neuroplasticity of brain, methods of regulation of psycho-emotional states will be reviewed.

The first introductory lecture will take place on 7th, and a training – on 8th and 9th of March. American professor Barbara Oakley, the author of breakthrough approach in training and the author of books about reprograming the brain and succeeding in math will talk at the lecture. As a matter of fact, she teaches to do well not only with math – her technique allows to "learn to study", stay focused on tasks, to improve memory and to completely change the attitude to training process.

See you on trainings!

For details call 050 289 31 32