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Through the eyes of a child

Izzetkhanim Mirzakhanova started creating collages just a year ago, when she was 14 years old, inspired by the paintings of David Hockney. She describes her creative process as following: “I can look at white paper for a long time, invent a story, and then my mood determines the choice of colours and images.” For our magazine Izzetkhanym Mirzakhanova created pictorial collages based on archival materials.

According to this precocious wise girl, any valuable idea deserves to be heard, and then it does not matter, whether it comes from a woman or a man.

“I like that I am a girl,” Izzetkhanym admits, “because they treat me with special care and at the same time give me complete freedom, thereby opening up many opportunities for me. But there are still many families, even among my friends, where boys are allowed more than girls. And just because they were born boys.”


“Well, I feel very good to be such a “little girl”, who is loved and respected for her achievements, regardless of the gender.”

From an early age, Izzetkhanim was obsessed with conquering peaks. At first, it was a table, then a window sill, a refrigerator behind it... and not so long ago Izzetkhanim received a diploma in sport climbing!

Her main friend and inspirer is her mother. “Because she knows how to love! – Izzetkhanim explains. – She is always full of ideas and energy, always smiling, even in the most difficult moment. Thanks to her, I know that she is capable of much and that the most important thing in life is love!”

Illustrations by Izzetkhanim Mirzakhanova

The material is published in the 60th issue.