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Lala Mirzayeva

1. How do you position yourself?

Director of an online magazine for women Zuleykha Magazine and boutique chain Zuleykha Accessories.

2. Do you stick to main rules of healthy lifestyle, such as:

a) Sports

b) Healthy nutrition

c) 2 and more liters of water per day?

I constantly do sports, mostly Pilates, love cycling very much. I cannot always control my nutrition, because I travel a lot and love to eat. Water is necessary! However, in winter I need to make myself drink, but I manage, because this is a key to health and bright skin.

3. How do you like your weight, body type and appearance?

I was not so happy with my appearance before, I even had complexes. Now I am pretty satisfied. I think that I belong to those people who only get better with age. For example, this year I love myself more than last year. I know my advantages and flaws, and how to conceal or highlight them with help of wardrobe. I am not always satisfied with my weight, my love to delicious food and sweets does not always let me keep my weight in the right point. Luckily, I am tall and couple extra kilograms are not visible to others, lol. 

4. What catches your eyes in woman/men appearance first?

My profession is HR specialist, so I always try to scan people. It is just a professional habit. Completely different things can catch my eye. It is not possible to figure out a person from the first sight. I try to “solve” him based on the external look. I really appreciate the good speaking skills. In my opinion, if a person can clearly say his point, this means that he knows what he needs from life. Literate, solid speech always impresses me. Unfortunately, you can rarely meet someone with this feature.

5. Name three beauty products, you can’t live without.

This may sound stupid for someone, but I am afraid of getting old. Exactly for this reason my biggest weakness is skincare. Even if I come home really late or I’m travelling, my morning and evening routines are inevitable. And I have a lot of skincare products. I don’t group them, because each of them has an important role working in complex with others. I think that today’s progressive woman should pay attention to three pillars: 1) cleansing 2) nourishing 3) moisturizing. I love different innovations and experiment with masks, creams, lotions, scrubs of different brands.

6. Which product is the hardest to resist while chasing a perfect body and health? 

For me it is sugar! For years I fought this weakness. But then life lost its colors. I was so sad that came back to this habit, so the people could see my sincere smile again. I just got over it and accepted that I have a sweet tooth. 

7. How many hours do you sleep?

My family knows that I sleep five-six hours per day. I cannot sleep more. Perhaps, if I could, I wouldn’t sleep at all, spared no time. But since health and beauty also depend on normal sleeping, I try to sleep a little. The only thing: I go to bed very late, and, therefore, wake up late as well. I could not overcome this habit for many years. And now I don’t bother anymore, on the opposite, I try to take use of it with maximum. The most incredible projects realized by me till now, the most creative ideas come to me at nights. So let it be, then!

8.The best way to relax?

My solo travels give me the opportunity to physically distance myself from work and be abroad alone! This is why I try to finish all my work before leaving, so no one will look for me. My phone is never available in roaming. To all the messages I reply in the evening, when I’m in hotel. I fully isolate myself from all my work, responsibilities, turning into a careless traveller! Observing surroundings, meeting new people, learning new culture, another view on life opens new horizons. Only being away from Baku, I realize that the scale of my cares is not that big, in comparison to the whole Earth. This helps me stay calm, take everything simpler.

9. The worst enemy of beauty is…

I think it’s stress, depression. Not so long ago I lost a very close person. It affected me so badly, that I drown in depression for a whole year, without realizing it. I once woke up and just felt how my face features were changing for the worse. Then it got me, how internal state can have an impact on the appearance. Let us always have sincere smiles and sparkling eyes!

10. Your life creed is?

During many years my life creed was a moto “Super girls don’t cry”. Probably, my strong side is a hard belief in the best, which I carry all my life. I love to take risks. I will never believe that I can have failure, even if it’s impossible. I will always find a way to make it work. However, for the last couple of years there were exceptions. But after some time I started accepting everything that happened as a luck. Because I know myself. I am able to invest a lot of work, time and soul to reach a goal. And if it’s not working out no matter what – so it should be. And after some time you just watch with amazement how things that made you want to cry before, eventually turned out luckily for you. This may sound like a cliché, but when you experience – it’s just amazing. And this is what life is!


Text: Nigar Maharramova

Photo: Vladislav Makarov