Ru Az

Africa, My Love

Born into a life of comfort and surrounded by the trappings of civilisation, she never anticipated the unexpected turns her fate would take. Though everything seemed meticulously planned, life had its own agenda: leading her to Kenya where she would be captivated by the untouched beauty of the African landscape and ultimately succumb to the allure of a Maasai native.

Corinne Hofmann, an adventurous tourist exploring Nairobi with her fiancé, finds herself captivated by the exotic charm of the handsome warrior Lketinga. Choosing to settle in a Kenyan village with him, she embarks on a journey filled with unexpected challenges and cultural adjustments. Sandy beaches are replaced by a hut covered in goat dung, and hundreds of bureaucratic delays to solve any problem, whether it is obtaining a passport or a trade licence, make the girl's already difficult life a living hell. Despite facing bureaucratic hurdles, enduring malaria, and grappling with exhaustion, Corinna remains unwavering in her love for Lketinga, determined to build a life together. However, tensions arise after the birth of their daughter Napirai, leading Lketinga to seek a suitable mate for her and negotiate a favourable marriage.

One day, Corinne awakens with the realisation that it's time to leave. Despite Lketinga's reluctance, he grants permission for their daughter to depart with her. Though Corinne convinces him it's merely a visit to her grandmother, deep down, he senses it's the end. A letter from Switzerland, received shortly after her departure, confirms his suspicions. In Switzerland, she fulfils her promise to help him and his family, finalising their divorce according to Swiss law, though under Kenyan law, they remain married. Years later, Corinne pens an autobiography translated into 30 languages, selling 4 million copies. Eventually, Napirai, as an adult, reconnects with her father, who has since started a new family.

The love for an exotic man isn't the sole passion of this intriguing European woman. Years later, she will revisit the black continent, where a piece of her soul forever resides, and subsequently write three more books about Africa.